Hi, I have just finished my M2 course at Learning Curves. They were great! But the only thing I wish they did was let us ride on the road and not just in the parking lot. I am planning to purchase my first bike this weekend. Looking at a Used Kawasaki Ninja 250r 2010. Any suggestions if this is a good started bike? I wanted to get a bike in the beginning of summer but everyone has different opinion on what to get and where to get it. My first thought for my first bike was to buy it at a dealership called VOS Motors. But their bad service made me think twice and made me look into buying the bike at a private sale through kijiji, auto trader, etc. I ended up purchasing all my gear at this great place called ST.ONG RECREATION up in Barrie. They treated me with open arms and made me feel like I was at home. It was worth the drive for good service. I am now hoping to get some riding in before summer ends! Please leave down a message for me with any tips or advice you would recommend a noob like me! Thanks!!

Does anyone know of any good tour routes in the eastern York Region and the western Durham Region areas? I’m situated in the Stouffville area and am looking for some short scenic routes close to home, lasting a couple of hours.

Any recommendations?

I have been noticing something recently. For no reason on flat steady running the temp gauge and the fuel gauge will suddenly each go up about an 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch and then each drop back down some distance later. I have seen no voltage change on the GPS which normally runs at 13.6 volts going down the road. The only reason I was thinking it was an instrument voltage regulator is that I had one that did this in a van with over 300k on it, the fuel, temp and oil pressure would go way up I then replaced the IVR and all was fine.

This is a 2005 K1200LT with 341,661 right now that has the LCD display which includes fuel and temp gauges.

If there is an IVR where is it and how to replace.

If not any other ideas would be great.

Anyone know if you need special privileges to get trackside for mosport CSBK to take pictures? I know there are a few guys that get really close and against the wall around corners 2 and 3 area and end up selling prints.

Asking for a photographer friend…. thanks

I am really interested in getting a track day in before the season ends… My only problem is that I don’t have boots or leather pants. Are there any places or tracks that will rent these two items out… Or even just the boots.

Iv checked the sites for the leather pants that would zip to my jackets and it’s probably worth just buying it out.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Guys. New guy to the forum.

I have a hot tip on a 1975 BMW R 90/6 that is owned by an older gentlemen. He thinking about selling because he hasn’t been able to ride for four years now. He told my friend that he had shims put in to deal with the low octane gas years ago. It will need a battery he says. And I’m assuming it will need tires too. Don’t know how many miles either. And a carb rebuild no doubt.

I haven’t seen it myself in person. But I was invited to come have a look. It’s been my experience when trying to buy something to get the deal done. Dont go there and look and leave thinking you can come back and make a deal. It will be gone. Otherwise I would get some pics to show. :)

So the big question is what is a fair price to offer. The owner won’t put a price on it yet.

So any thoughts? I know it’s not much to go on.



I am about to close a deal on a ZX6D. There is a issue with the 2nd gear ( slipping off ). Other than that, the normal deal need to be done, carbs, tires ( fairings are okayish, there is some cracks on the headlight’s and the usual chips from 20+ bike ). Anyway, the guy will close at 1k. I estimate almost 800 in repairs. Am I way off on my estimative or is the price?

Those of you that have a GoPro Camera where did you mount it on your 2014 or 2015 RT? Your satisfaction with the placement and a picture of it mounted if you would please. Getting ready for a 4 corners trip and just not sure where I want to mount the GoPro.

I may eventually get some "real" motorcycle boots, but for right now I am using some 8-inch military-style leather and 1200 denier nylon boots for warm weather riding. They have a zipper (in addition to the laces) for quick on/off.

I’m wondering if that zipper is more likely to fail in a crash than laces would be? ie. leaving my foot and ankle exposed.

Thanks in advance for any good information you can provide.

I apologize if this has been covered elsewhere, I did try to use the SEARCH function on "zipper" here in the BOOT section and didn’t see anything.